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Community Groups

Part of our core identity here at The Collective Church is community: pursuing it, establishing it, and intentionally maintaining it. In community, we have the capacity to know and be known, to belong and serve, to give and receive the love and grace the Trinity has shown us and enabled us to reflect. Our goal is that our CGs are where meaningful discipleship happens. For this reason, we desire all members of our church family to find a community group they connect with. We commit to be purposeful about creating the space for that connection and ease our members into this process.

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Community Focused

Groups which are relationally driven with intentional conversation that takes our weekly sermon content deeper into our lives. On Tuesdays, Going Deeper - a sermon summary and discussion guide written by our Teaching Team - is emailed to church members for use in personal devotions or community group discussion.

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Content Focused

Groups which are content driven, reading through a book chosen by our pastoral staff or the group leader based on what season their group is in. Community is built and encouraged as the group wrestles through and applies the concepts learned through book study. All of the Content Focused groups are adults, no kids, unless otherwise noted.

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Groups which are content driven, studying a book or course that is specific to a population.

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